microSD card 32GB class 4 + adapter GoodRAM - retail blister

microSD card 32GB class 4 + adapter GoodRAM - retail blister Visualizza ingrandito


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Comp. brand: GoodRAM

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GOODRAM microCARD class 4 – the best solution for your mobile

universal data carrier for everyday applications
speed class 4
available capacities: 32 GB
brand name components
lifetime warranty

We have designed microCARD M400/M40A class 4 bearing in mind mobile devices. That is why they are an ideal solution for mobile phones, navigations or music players. Fast reading and writing speeds and our lifetime guarantee speak undeniably in favour of GOODRAM microCARDS. You can also use GOODRAM microCARD as a standalone item as well as convert it into classic SD card thanks to high quality adapter!

Technical Data 

Available capacity 32 GB 

Max. transfer read up to 15 MB/s
write up to 5 MB/s

Dimensions 15 x 11 x 1 mm 
Weight 0,4 g 
Blister dimensions 103 mm x 123 mm 
Weight in blister 12 g 
Power Supply Voltage Powered from the device 
Operating temp -25 do +55°C (recommended) 
Storage temp. -20 do +65°C (recommended) 
Operational and storage humidity 30 ~ 85% (recommended) 
File system FAT32

Warranty Lifetime 

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